A modern warehouse, with a large bonded area, an effective and reliable distribution network efficiently reaching the whole national territory.

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the strength of our Logistics


SAMA, thanks to the new modern warehouse in Ponso (PD), handles 1000 incoming containers and 1200 outgoing trailers trucks yearly. Its systems ensure product traceability with FEFO management through barcodes (EAN packaging codes 13, packaging codes ITF 14 and SSCC EAN 128).

The storage capacity of over 15,000 pallets, out of which 7,000 are used as bonded warehouse (AEO Authorized Economic Operator, certification), makes product delivery easy and quick for customers all over the national territory.


SAMA plays as a reliable partner for Large Retailers/Supermarket Chains and Discount Stores supplying a wide range of preserved products.

Logistics and transport services are guaranteed to be very competitive and fast. SAMA ensures "Just in time" delivery: within 3 working days, we can receive the orders, confirm them and send all the documentation required by customers through EDI system (Electronic Data Interchange).